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A chiropodist is a highly trained healthcare professional that provides the assessment, treatment, and management of chronic or acute foot and ankle problems. They aid in the prevention of injuries and disabilities and promote proper foot health for overall well-being. With foot problems being as prevalent as they are, the fact that the feet are the body’s foundation, and the necessity of keeping our feet as healthy as possible, chiropodists are needed to help with prevention, assessment, and treatment of issues that may arise with feet. When the feet are properly supported, the whole body works better. Chiropodists must have seven to eight years of post-secondary school before beginning to practice. They must obtain a bachelor’s degree in science and take a three to four year chiropody program. Chiropodists work independently or as part of a team. Chiropodists treat a variety of foot problems including bony foot deformities, corns, calluses, warts, fungal infections, nail conditions, and biomechanical dysfunctions. These healthcare providers also recommend or provide orthotics and insoles. They might also provide physical therapy, surgical procedures, injection administration, prescriptions, and various other therapies. Normally one sees a chiropodist when they are experiencing pain. However, visiting one regularly, as one would a dentist, can help ensure the feet are in top form and will help prevent future problems. If you suffer from foot or ankle pain or have questions about your lower extremities, book an appointment with a chiropodist.

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